User Support: Customer Care

NeuralSoft Customer Care team provides fast and effective assistance through multiple channels:

Telephone | Videocall | Management Portal

Our executives process hundreds of queries daily, providing immediate solutions to more than 80% of the incidents reported and managing the remaining queries with the corresponding NeuralSoft area when necessary. Our Customer Care service has unique features in the world of enterprise software.

  • Specialized Professionals: Our Customer Care Executives are trained not only in technical aspects of the software on which they provide service, but also in business process management and mainly in the tax, accounting and administrative regulations of the country of the customers they assist.
  • Management Portal: It is an agile and simple platform for the online communication of our customers with the Customer Care service, as well as for the entry and follow-up of queries, requests and incidents that allows the customer to manage them and monitor their status in real time.
  • Dedicated Executives: Each NeuralSoft client is assigned a permanent Account Executive whose name, last name, e-mail and cell phone number are known,
  • E-mail and cell phone number.
  • 24 x 7 x 365 service: The Customer Care team offers a full time service, of high value for all companies and especially for those that carry out highly critical operations every day, 24 hours a day.