Managing purchases with MyLogic reduces costs, optimizes the process and makes it more secure, improving the performance of the supply areas.

About the Module

  • Self-management of Suppliers.
  • Purchasing circuit by Internal Requirements or Order
  • Requests.
  • Circuit by Bids or Price Contests.
  • Circuit by Purchase Orders.
  • Budgetary Control.
  • Price List Administration by supplier.
  • Different Units of Measurement and Conversion Factors.
  • Partial Receptions.
  • Direct reception at different addresses.
  • Centralized purchasing management for different branches.

Purchase Price Lists

  • Management of purchase price lists by supplier, version and effective date.
  • Management of charges and discounts for purchases.


  • Shipment management with traceability from Purchase Order to reception.
  • Shipment registration for products that manage inventory from suppliers located abroad.
  • Management of projected expenses by shipment or by specific product item; proration by quantity or amount.
  • Calculation of actual expenses based on purchase receipts.
  • Closing of shipment and generation of increment coefficient by product.
  • Tracking of the global operation and Shipment Status.


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