Selling with MyLogic, through different wholesale and retail channels, streamlines the process and improves your customers’ experience.

About the Module

  • Customer Self-Management. They can directly enter MyLogic to upload orders, check their current account, etc.
  • Circuit by Sales Note.
  • Preparation, Verification and Dispatch.
  • Budget Circuit.
  • Contracts and recurring billing.
  • Easy integration with e-commerce.
  • Configurable discounts, surcharges and taxes.
  • Mobile for street vendors, carriers and distributors.
  • Standard and customizable sales indicators.

Sales Price Lists

  • Management of price lists by client, version and effective date.
  • Administration of offers for sales.
  • Automated price update based on defined profit and product cost.
  • Automated updating of prices based on supplier lists.

Contracts / Recurring billing

  • Contract management: contracted products / Start and end by contract or by product item / billing frequency by item / price update frequency / Charges and discounts by contract or by product item.
  • Generation of billing minutes: Validation of contract items to be billed in the current period, according to the billing frequency and other definitions.
  • Contract billing: Mass billing options, individual by item or grouped by contract.

Point of sale

  • Ticket of sale, with the option of leaving a balance in a checking account.
  • Credit Note Ticket.
  • Mobile for local sellers.
  • Access to stock in other locations or warehouses.
  • Credit card validation / Payment gateway.
  • Configurable promotions.


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