Point of Sale

MyLogic enables a comprehensive point-of-sale management in real time. It simplifies monitoring, control and supply processes. Its mobile device operation is user-friendly, making it the perfect solution to improve the sales experience in the store.

About the Module

MyLogic is specially designed to comply with 3 basic premises of Point of Sale management:

  1. That the customer’s experience in the store should be unbeatable.
  2. That the operation for the user should be friendly, fast and efficient.
  3. That the managers and store and supply supervisors should have real-time access to what is happening in each store and be able to act accordingly at that moment.

General Functionalities:

  • Customization of the Ticket entry form per client and per user.
  • Electronic Ticket with options of:
    o Balance charge on account.
    o Generation of vouchers and gift cards.
    o Management of returns and exchanges.
    o Management of product reservations with deposit.
  • Promotions, agreements with banks, and benefits depending on payment method.
  • Integration with credit and debit card validation services, including customer’s cash withdrawal with their purchase.
  • Integration with electronic payment methods
  • Personalized sales strategy by: product, customer, price list, branch and company.
  • Sales Ticket with deferred delivery due to shipment or collection by the customer at another point of sale or warehouse.
  • Credit Note Ticket.
  • Option to manage Cash Register Opening, Relief and Closing.
  • Intelligence applied to cross-selling and upselling to promote the sale of other products when stock is insufficient.

Vertical Features:

  • Textile and Footwear: Management by size and color.
  • Paint shops: Integration with tintometric systems for pigment stock management.


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