Stock and Logistics

MyLogic simplifies the management and real-time control of your stocks in different warehouses and locations, avoiding shortages, overstocks and loss of sales.

About the Module

  • Stock Management by Company, Site, Warehouse and Location
  • Traceability of products by Batch and Series or by Batch and Expiration Date.
  • Projected stocks, including Sales Notes, Purchase Orders and Production Orders.
  • Reception, positive and negative adjustments, transfer between deposits.
  • Remission and return circuit.
  • Reorder Point configurable by Company, Site, or Warehouse and parameterizable according to selected data (orders pending reception, orders pending dispatch, orders pending production)
  • Preparation, Verification and Dispatch of Sales Notes.
  • Stock of finished products, semi-finished products and supplies.
  • Different units of measurement and conversions between them.


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