The History of a Vision

Few people can say that at the age of 14 they had a business vision and carried it out. Successfully.

Gustavo Viceconti is one of them.

Passionate about technology, at a very early age he learned to program. Almost as a game, he began to develop his own video games. Mixing work and pleasure, he gave computer classes at Mini Comp, in his native Rosario.

A year later, his entrepreneurial spirit led him and his uncle to create “Todo Computación”, a pioneer in the sale of personal computers.

In 1989, at the age of nineteen, Gustavo founded NeuralSoft. He dreamed of a company that could simplify the management of companies and increase their profitability.

As a good leader, he knew that the shortest way to make his dream come true was to form a great team. Thus, he surrounded himself with professionals with the same passion and desire to improve day by day.

In 2000, NeuralSoft became the first provider of software for companies in the cloud.

It then created its own programming language, FastPrg, which allows programming up to 20 times faster than other languages and with which it developed MyLogic, NeuralSoft’s latest and disruptive ERP.

Today, the company invests more than 18% of its turnover in research and development, incorporating continuous improvements in its products, which has turned NeuralSoft into the most advanced Management Software Development Center in Argentina, with a team of more than 270 professionals, presence throughout the country and one of the five largest networks of geographical points interconnected online.

None of this would have been possible without passion.
The strategic decision of its founder to invest year after year in research and development, in state-of-the-art technological infrastructure, in professionals of excellence and in the development of talents aligned with the company’s values, today translates into the consolidation of a company that grows and is trusted by more than 700 clients.