Benefits of becoming a MyLogic Partner

Offering your clients our next-generation ERP software will allow you to quickly build customer loyalty and retention by offering them features no other system can provide. MyLogic is the only ERP designed to adapt quickly to each company’s [changing] requirements, and the first to utilize Artificial Intelligence to automate management.

Advantages of being a MyLogic Partner
  • MyLogic allows you to co-create, together with NeuralSoft, the final software for your clients according to their requirements and those you deem convenient, adapting the software to them.
  • It allows you to develop your own model (either a vertical for a specific market sector or an additional module to MyLogic’s standard) and offer it not only to your clients, but also to the entire community of clients and MyLogic Partners, earning revenue for it.
  • All the developments you make remain compatible with future versions of MyLogic released by NeuralSoft.
  • You provide your clients with a solution that includes all aspects of the solution: software, hardware infrastructure (with all the benefits of a Private Cloud), connectivity and all maintenance, backup and security tasks.
  • NeuralSoft solves all the aforementioned aspects, so that you can focus on consulting and software implementation.
  • You have a share in all the components and services that make up the solution. This guarantees you a monthly recurring income for all your clients that is much higher than that offered by other system providers.
  • NeuralSoft adds dozens of new functionalities in each new version of MyLogic, which you will be able to implement in your clients.

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Explore the benefits and supports of becoming a MyLogic Partner, including training and resources to increase your customer base, build customer loyalty and improve their business and yours.

Different types of Partnership, according to your needs

NeuralSoft offers different partnership programs. You can choose the one that best suits your business model, objectives and resources. Here are some examples:


The partner establishes contacts between NeuralSoft and companies in which it detects opportunities for change with the potential to become MyLogic customers. The commercial processes are then carried out entirely by NeuralSoft.

Sales Agent

The partner is the one who mainly sells MyLogic. NeuralSoft has a secondary participation in the commercial process, providing support to the partner when required. Afterwards, the implementation of the projects is carried out entirely by NeuralSoft.


The Partner carries out MyLogic commercialization and implementations. NeuralSoft assists the Partner in the projects. This scheme generates a monthly income for the Partner for each user sold and successfully implemented.

Partner Plus

In this model, in addition to the commercialization and implementation of projects, the Partner develops software models integrated with the MyLogic standard and can offer them to other MyLogic partners and customers, and earn revenue from these sales and recurring use.

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