Durable Customizations, the Best of Both Worlds

NeuralSoft guarantees the compatibility, over time, of the functionality developed exclusively for each client with future standard versions of MyLogic. This is possible thanks to a change-ready design and the Impact Analyzer, and puts an end to an old dilemma:

1- Do I choose a customized development so that the software adapts to what I really need and assume implementation times and maintenance costs 5 to 10 times higher than those of a standard software?

2- Or do I choose a standard ERP that is less costly to maintain and resign myself to adaptability?

With MyLogic, you don’t have to choose one or the other scenario. MyLogic offers you the best of both: The standard version includes the main functionalities that every company requires from an ERP. Then, during implementation, the specific functionality required by each company is added. Thanks to the revolutionary technology with which MyLogic was developed, it achieves the same degree of adaptability as a customized software, in the same time it takes to implement a conventional ERP software.

Independence and autonomy

It allows each company to autonomously add its own exclusive functionality. This functionality can be developed by NeuralSoft at the client’s request or developed by the client itself without writing code. This is possible thanks to the MyLogic Editor.

High adaptability, simple and fast

It achieves a higher degree of adaptability than a customized development, in the same implementation times as a standard ERP and with a lower level of risk.

Behavioral changes

The user can apply on-the-fly and without changing versions, behavioral modifications that in traditional ERP require hundreds of hours of programming, version upgrades and several weeks to be in production. This is possible thanks to an innovative MyLogic tool called the Business Rules Engine.

Interaction with the environment

MyLogic can communicate in real time with other software and devices through interfaces that can be configured by the end user without programming. For more information about this functionality see IEDS (Integration with External Data Sources).

Total availability

MyLogic allows you to upgrade the version of the software in use and/or revert to a previous version with all users logged in and working normally, without the need for them to log out of the system. This increases productivity levels. View hot version changes.

90% reduction in maintenance costs

Maintenance and upgrade costs over time are 10 times lower in MyLogic. Most of the cost of keeping software current over time is, each time an upgrade is installed, in adapting the customizations to the new version, as well as the interfaces between them and the main software, so that they remain compatible.

MyLogic does not require customizations to be adapted to maintain compatibility with new versions, thus eliminating the bulk of the costs of keeping the software up to date.

Another important reason for cost reduction is that the development of new customizations in MyLogic takes no more than 10% of the time it takes in a traditional ERP. In fact, many requirements that in other ERPs require custom programming are quickly solved in MyLogic by the end user without the need for development.

Predictive Artificial Intelligence

MyLogic collaborates in decision-making based on the goals and objectives established in the company’s strategic plan. For this, it has a component called Spock, the Intelligent Consultant, who, in addition to being familiar with the company’s strategic plan, learns and incorporates what is normal or typical in our company’s operations and what is not. In this way, it alerts us to anomalies it detects and simulates scenarios, warning us about the negative or positive impacts that a certain action would have on the achievement of our objectives and goals.


Thanks to the components described above: Linked Models, Impact Analyzer and MyLogic Editor, the co-creation of the final software used by each company is generated between NeuralSoft and its clients.


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