Accounting and finance

Accounting Financial Management at MyLogic has the versatility necessary to manage global companies and the agility that the business world currently demands.

Among other benefits, it provides us with consolidated information from multiple companies and countries with different currencies and languages in real time.  


  • Model and manual accounting entries.
  • Multicurrency accounting registration in each receipt.
  • Control of allowed dates according to the origin of the movement.
  • Opening of accounting imputation by attributes and classifications
  • Expense budgets.
  • Expenditure projections.
  • General Balance.
  • Accounting Books.
  • Income statement.
  • Costs.
  • Scope of application of the cost by company or site.
  • Last cost, weighted average cost and replacement cost.
  • Automatic accounting entries for each type of cost.
  • Tax Engine: Configurable and adaptable to different countries, jurisdictions and tax legislations.


  • Fund Flow: Cashflow with administration of different scenarios.​​​
  • Expenditure Projection.
  • Budget Control with automatic compliance update.
  • Administration of multiple financial funds.
  • Transfers between funds.​
  • Securities Portfolio Management.​
  • Financial reports.​
  • Manual and automatic financial reconciliation.​


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