The ideal tool to boost your sales force and measure its effectiveness. MyLogic CRM outperforms world-class verticals in functionality and is natively integrated into the ERP.

CRM Presales​

  • MKT campaign management and effectiveness measurement.
  • Management of Candidates, Potentials and Clients.
  • Opportunity Tracking.
  • Planning and control of commercial actions.
  • Sales projections.
  • Won Opportunities vs. Lost Opportunities.

After-sales CRM

  • Case/Ticket Management:
    – Technical service.
    – Claims.
    – Requests.
    – Consultations.
  • Case management by client, product and criticality.
  • Task-based workflow with suggested sequences.
  • Track assignments and completions.
  • Automatic notifications to clients of closure or status change.
  • Customer Portal for self-management.


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