At NeuralSoft, a technology company whose priority is customer satisfaction, we know that the most important factor in the success or failure of systems in organizations is the implementation process.

Most of the companies that develop enterprise software privilege execution, dedicating little time and effort to the design and understanding stages with the client. This generates numerous failure rates due to high rates of dissatisfaction with the results of the process. NeuralSoft’s Professional Services team has been perfecting its implementation methodologies for more than thirty years with increasingly effective results. With the support of our experience, we have developed 3 alternative methodologies of proven effectiveness to adapt the implementation process to the context of each company:

Express Implementation

Ideal for SMBs implementing management software for the first time. We parameterize the system based on the client’s requirements and on what our know-how and experience indicate to us as the best practices for each activity. It is generally implemented in less time than other methodologies. The possibility remains open that, in the future, the Client may contract a second implementation stage to deepen MyLogic’s adaptation based on the particularities of its operations and the experience of using the system.

Agile Implementation

Methodology inspired by the concept of incremental or iterative implementation. Designed for clients who intend to take advantage of the implementation of a new system to review their processes, redefine them and improve them, combining their specific knowledge with NeuralSoft’s know-how on the particular activity to fully exploit the software’s potential. This methodology is the one that best adapts to SMEs with growth projections. It allows to start using the system in early stages of the project. It consists of successive sprint (short stages) in which first the minimum set of functionalities required to start using the system is parameterized. In the following sprint or increments, based on the customer’s experience of use, new functionalities of the system are parameterized and the parameterizations already made are adjusted or improved. Adaptability to changes and faster return on investment are the cornerstones of agile project management.

PMI Implementation

Based on the premises of the Project Management Institute, this methodology has been designed for companies with highly precise pre-established organizational procedures that are not intended to be modified, at least in the short term. It requires a high degree of adaptation of the system to the specific operations of the company before it can be implemented. The solution is built on the basis of clear and pre-defined requirements, which are documented in detail in the Survey Report and in the Technical Proposal approved by the client. The predictability in the execution of the tasks is guaranteed by established schedules, executing the project in a cascade manner, so as not to leave open points before moving on to the next stage. It is important to keep in mind that with this methodology, unlike Agile, the client begins to use the software only in advanced stages of the project.