NeuralSoft is focused on growing side-by-side with you and your company.
We are looking for professional representatives

In order to expand our business and increase our contact networks, we seek strategic partners through Professional Channels, influencing new and potential clients. We need our representatives to be committed to satisfying our clients’ needs and to understand integration as a competitive advantage.

NeuralSoft is a management and data control system for companies of all sizes and from all industries that allows managing the data from all areas of the company, checking every commercial operation. It speeds up management processes, and reduces both the work time and the hardware, software and maintenance costs.

Being a NeuralSoft channel implies benefits, increasing the volume of your business.

NeuralSoft works as a great advantage for Channels or Partners, since this management system brings about a greater volume of business. Whereas, in the past, a company would hire different suppliers to control the information, it is now possible to solve everything in a single operation. This implies savings and simplicity for the client, and greater income for the Channel.

Improving your clients’ business
NeuralSoft’s main objective is that clients are able to get the most out of the system, improving processes, increasing profitability and receiving a swift return on its investment. The more satisfied clients feel, the more chances of new business for the Channel.

NeuralSoft offers business software for companies of every field and size which allows companies to administer data from all areas of the organization and to verify every commercial movement. Our systems streamline processes while reducing labor time and hardware, software and maintenance costs.

Selling a better product every day.
Presea ERP features the most comprehensive gallery of functions in the market. Whenever a client requests a tailor-made modification, the modification is developed in the very heart of the system, to be included in upcoming versions. This allows the Channel’s business not to revolve around the same product, offering the possibility of multiple innovations.
Different Modes
We build personalized relationships with our Channels, defining, with every one of them, the work and compensation scheme that fits best into its current business model.
What we offer
  • Commercial support material
  • Training
  • Updated information online
  • Documents for download
  • Regular events with updates and news
  • Direct and permanent contact for any questions
We are looking for professional representatives

Neuralsoft representatives

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