At NeuralSoft, one of the few technology companies that prioritizes customer satisfaction, we know that the implementation process and the associated change management play the most important role to define the success or failure of systems in organizations.

Most of the companies that develop management software leave the implementation to third parties or prioritize execution, devoting little time and effort to the design stage and to establish an understanding with the client. This generates high failure rates due to clients not being happy with the results of the process. NeuralSoft’s Professional Services Team has been perfecting Presea’s implementation process for over twenty years, with better results every day. With the support of our experience, we developed three alternative implementation methods, all with proven efficacy to adapt the process to each company’s context.

Presea Express:

for SMEs that need to implement a management software solution in a very short time, we offer this alternative, which can be deployed over few sessions. We deliver a product configured pursuant to the requirements of each client’s activity, with the potential to accompany their growth.

Presea Agile:

This is the ideal option for growing companies who are creating or redefining their processes. Agile project management offers the best options to successfully reach these goals. Adaptability to changes and product vision from moment zero are the cornerstones of Presea Agile.

Presea PMI:

Developed for companies with firm organizational processes, who need a change in their ERP software. The solution is created based on clear and defined requirements, and the project is executed in a cascade, without any open ends before moving on to the following stage. Foreseeability in the execution of tasks is guaranteed with defined schedules.


We count on two teams of experienced professionals positioned to accompany our clients in using our products.

Our executives process more than 300 inquiries per day, offering an immediate solution to over 80% of the incidents and managing the solution to the remaining inquiries when team work with other areas is required.
Our Customer Care service has structural differences with traditional call centers:

  • Personalized service: Each client has a single account executive and they know their account executive’s full name, email address and cell phone number. The executive is in charge of receiving, managing and addressing all reported issues.
  • Proactivity: Our team is not simply waiting for inquiries to arise to contact and interact with our clients. Each executive monitors the client’s status, anticipating their needs and preventing incidents.
  • Extended hours: Up to 24×365.
Our clients choose us, among other reasons, to maintain and renovate the infrastructure that allows them to access their systems online. Thus, they can focus their efforts on the tasks and decisions that make them market leaders while entrusting all technology-related areas to NeuralSoft.

With the creation of the Cloud Computing Services in 2000, our infrastructure team empowered this goal, taking on the difficult challenge of maintaining online systems that exceed more than one million transactions on peak days for hundreds of brand name companies such as Prüne, Pinturerías Prestigio, El Mundo del Juguete, Montagne, Ayres, Gimo´s, CBSé, Tyrolit and Rabe.
The experience and know-how acquired by our team, our direct and personalized attention, and the support of having cutting-edge technology facilities make NeuralSoft’s Cloud a premium-quality service with an unbeatable cost-benefit relationship.

Our team of experts in Research and Development generates and tests each of Presea’s new features. Once professional services detect the need to develop a customized feature, both teams -in synergy with the client- analyze in detail various alternatives to carry out every modification with the goal of obtaining an optimal cost-benefit relationship.

In a second instance, the Research and Development team develops each feature in order to make it applicable to other clients in the Presea community. Beyond the enhancements requested by clients, this group of professionals is continually investigating and applying new technology and features in order to anticipate market needs.

Consistent with the policies of product enhancement, NeuralSoft periodically releases a new version of Presea with the commitment and pride of having developed the most complete ERP on the market.

Every new version of Presea ERP has the legal and tax updates necessary to comply with current regulations set forth by AFIP and other agencies. Taxes and general application resolutions are included in the standard service at no additional cost.