RUBIRO is the management software that brings cloud computing technology to your SME
It is a simple an agile tool that allows you to manage your company through simple processes and which allows you to access all your sales, requests, current accounts, receipts, invoicing and statistics information and any other processes of your company from anywhere and at anytime.
Prices with discount by number of stations:
Number of stations Price per station
1 USD 67,5
2 USD 62
3 USD 60,25
4 USD 58,25
5 USD 56,50
6 USD 54,75
7 USD 52,75
8 USD 51
9 USD 49
Rubiro compared to other Management Softwares:
SOFTWARE COSTS Rubiro Other Softwares
Monthly fee USD 60,25 per month USD 10,47 per month
Updates USD 0,00 included $0,00 included
Hardware costs USD 0,00 included USD 9,32 not included
Technical and maintenance tasks USD 0,00 included USD 23,15 not included
License costs USD 0,00 included USD 17,45 not included
Operating System USD 0,00 included USD 8,27 not included
TOTAL USD 60,25 per month USD 68,67 per month

Prices in US dollar.

To see how these costs were calculated, please click . This calculation includes all the necessary concepts for the Management Software to work properly throughout time and was calculated for 3 users.

Technological advantages that differentiate Rubiro from other systems
Transactional integrity: Purchasing, sales, payments and collections as well as logistics automatically impact the stock, cost, accounting, finance, banking and tax subsystems in real time without the need to transfer the information or manually enter it.

Rubiro Management Software doesn’t need external databases, which on one hand represents savings in licenses and on the other hand speeds up transactions and searches while maximizing security and data reliability.

Data encryption: all data is encrypted at a low level and thus is impossible to access without using the correct username and password.


Rubiro Management Software operates on a “REMOTE DESKTOP” system, which means that 100% of the application runs on the central server. That way, there are minimum requirements for every hardware station as well as its wear and tear and the energy consumption it produces. This facilitates the implementation process as its initial installation and updates are only performed on the central server. This is a great advantage compared to client-server systems in which every update must be installed on each and every machine one-by-one.

Single Provider

Our policy makes us responsible for 100% of the solution so that our clients can dedicate themselves to their work and not have to worry about the technological side. At NeuralSoft, we not only develop the software but also implement it ourselves without outsourcing. We also offer post-sales technical support and permanent user assistance.

Rubiro Advantages
Cloud technology not only allows the client to stop worrying about all the technical aspects related to the system (infrastructure and maintenance) but also accompanies the growth of the company by allowing the client to incorporate unlimited new users. NeuralSoft enables new users within just minutes and does not require any additional investment in a new infrastructure or in anything else besides the computer that the new user will use.
By implementing Rubiro Management Software, you will be able to automatically migrate to Presea ERP whenever your company’s growth requires it. Then, you only have to invest time and money in implementing the new features rather than in re-implementing the features already used in Rubiro. Before Rubiro was launched, migrating from a basic management software to an ERP software was a very costly and even traumatic process that demanded many hours implementing the new tool and learning how to use it. Presea ERP, having an identical structure as Rubiro Management Software, allows all Rubiro’s configurations and information to be imported automatically. The software’s use is exactly the same, and yet Presea ERP incorporates many new features.
Before Rubiro, it was impossible to migrate all software information from one system to another; instead, only master files and opening balances were transferred while the rest of the data was preserved in a computer in order to consult its historical information later on. Now, 100% of the information (data and movements) are automatically and instantaneously migrated when moving from Rubiro Management Software to Presea ERP.
Rubiro in the Cloud
Rubiro Management Software is located on our own servers which are accessible at anytime and anywhere from any device that connects to the internet.


NeuralSoft takes care of all necessary aspects in correcting the system’s performance:software, hardware, technical support, user assistance, security, maintenance, connectivity, and updates.
NeuralSoft has been offering this service since 1999. Today, more than 400 companies use it.

Features included in the service:

  • Hosted on NeuralSoft’s servers.
  • Fiber Optic SAN with high availability features.
  • Communications infrastructure.
  • Interconnected branches
  • Automated daily backup service that crosses from one datacenter to the other.
  • Monitoring service for detecting and eliminating viruses in all hosted files.
  • Telework.
  • Offline P.O.S. service.
  • 24-hour assistance 365 days a year (optional)
  • SDT: Total Availability System
  • Customer Care: Permanent user assistance
  • Upgrades: we release 4 to 5 new versions per year with enhanced features and tax adaptations necessary to meet legal standards. We accompany each new version with an instruction manual to help personnel install the update.

Advantages of our Cloud
NeuralSoft has two of its own datacenters located 3 kilometers from each other, interconnected by two-way high-speed fiber optics.
Both datacenters comply with the maximum international information security standards. Clients that have their server in datacenter A have their backups in datacenter B and vice versa.
Double- lock policy: The people responsible for doing the backups and thus have access to copy information don’t have permission to see the data; they copy “closed packages.” The NeuralSoft personnel in charge of implementing the system and offering assistance to the user don’t have access to copy the data either.
The access technology of “Remote Desk” makes it so that the data doesn’t travel over the network but rather only refreshes the screen, which makes it much more secure and faster than web applications that are accessed through a browser.
Unification of all the elements and services that make up the solution in a single provider eliminates the classic conflicts of determining whose responsibility it is when something doesn’t function correctly. Thus, the loss of time and money in resolving the first conflict and in resolving the technical problem afterwards are avoided.
Rubiro offers enhanced speed, thanks to the Remote Desk technology, which is much faster and more efficient than .html internet browsers.
NeuralSoft’s enhanced availability, its infrastructure and its contingency and redundancy policies make it so that incident and setback rates are much lower than using the client’s current infrastructure.
Savings in hardware purchasing and renovation (servers, UPS, backup devices, etc.).
Savings in license purchases and updates for operating systems, in antivirus, and in backup software.
Savings in labor hours allotted to maintenance tasks and technical support.
Predictability of investment in technology eliminates unexpected cost risks to repair or replenish hardware failures, breaks or any other type of occurrences as they are covered by a fixed bonus without small typing or hidden costs.