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Technological advantages that diferentiate NeuralSoft from the other companies

Presea ERP is the most comprehensive ERP in Argentina, with an innovative and unique architecture, structured in subsystems, which is muchmore efficient and consistent than the well-known modular structure. As it is the only tool with its own unique database, it is much faster and requires fewer hardware resources than structures where the interconnected modules exchange information with each other. This makes the information consistent and 100% reliable.

Presea ERP does not need external database engines, which not only means savings on licenses but also higher speed in transactions, faster searches, maximum security and data reliability.
All data is encrypted at a low level so that it is impossible to access it other than by using the correct username and password.
Presea ERP operates using Remote Desktop so that 100% of the application runs in the central server; that way, the requirements for each hardware station, its wear and tear, and its energy consumption are kept to a minimum. This facilitates the implementation process since its initial installation—like every other subsequent update—is only performed on the central server. This is a great advantage in respect to client-server systems in which every time an update takes place it has to be installed on each and every machine.

With the option of Presea ERP in the Cloud, you delegate100% of the responsibility for the system and its maintenance to NeuralSoft. We develop the software, implement it and install it on our own servers located in our two last generation datacenters interconnected by two-way high-speed fiber optics that allow us toper form daily remote backups. We offer our users permanent assistance, both online and over the phone. We also save and secure their information as well as update Presea ERP 4 to 5 times per year with versions that include functional enhancements and the latest tax regulations necessary to comply with the law. All of this is included in a single subscription fee named “ALL INCLUSIVE” without any small print or hidden costs.