PRESEA is the most complete ERP software on the market
Presea ERP has more than 2,700 features for integrated management as well as for managing all areas of the company, including: PURCHASING, SALES, POINT OF SALE, STOCK AND LOGISTICS, ACCOUNTING, FINANCE, PRODUCTION, HUMAN RESOURCES, CRM, WORKFLOW and BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE.


  • Higher efficiency in process integration.
  • Increase in productivity.
  • Optimization of communication between different areas.
  • Better cost/benefit relationship.
  • High information security.
  • Management by exception.
  • Risk measurement of actions to be taken.
  • Capacity to anticipate and adapt to change.
Subsystems that make up Presea ERP

Presea ERP allows the creation of multiple companies; the information generated as a result can be queried and consolidated fully or partially, at the user’s request.
All of Presea ERP’s subsystems are multi-currency, allowing you to set new currencies and update exchange rates. You may query data in different currencies and check the historical exchange rates of the current currency or exchange rate in question.
Presea ERP allows the creation of multiple branches for the same company, and multiple form numerators/books.
Presea ERP is available in Spanish, English and Portuguese. Users can customize the selected language and add new languages.
Data export and import
Presea ERP’s information may be exported in several data formats with the parameters established by the client. This function, combined with the Business Intelligence automation controller, allows to assign an export frequency without the operator’s intervention.
Presea ERP incorporates a great variety of original reports with a standard design that satisfies the majority of requirements; however, the reports can be customized and adapted in their appearance, format, order,summarization, etc., via a very easy-to-use embedded graphic tool.
Due to Presea ERP’s data encryption, there is no possible way of using the data or features without first identifying oneself in the system with a valid password. The graphic tool for user permission allocation allows the company to strictly define, user by user, which items and tasks on the menu can be visualized and used.
Presea ERP can be integrated with standard utility services, thanks to having tools such as: data dictionary, report creator, triggers, menu designer, and external programming.
Presea ERP allows flexibilityin its native data setting through its “Data Dictionary” tool that enables the creation of tables and user fields. These can later be used as filter attributes in report and views. There is also the option of creating indexes to group the data in new hierarchies that the system administers automatically and that remain available for information recovery.
The concept of “Views” allows the user to define a group of pre-settings in a template that defines the selection in a search from a file or list.
Audit and traceability of all transactions
All the operations made in Prease ERP, including forms, queries, modifications to data in a master file, etc., may be audited, allowing you to identify the user who performed the operation and track the modifications, if any.
Presea is the most comprehensive ERP in Argentina, with an innovative and unique architecture, structured in subsystems, which is muchmore efficient and consistent than the well-known modular structure. As it is the only tool with its own unique database, it is much faster and requires fewer hardware resources than structures where the interconnected modules exchange information with each other. This makes the information consistent and 100% reliable.
Presea ERP does not need external database engines, which not only means savings on licenses but also higher speed in transactions, faster searches, maximum security and data reliability.
All data is encrypted at a low level so that it is impossible to access it other than by using the correct username and password.
Presea ERP operates using Remote Desktop so that 100% of the application runs in the central server; that way, the requirements for each hardware station, its wear and tear, and its energy consumption are kept to a minimum. This facilitates the implementation process since its initial installation—like every other subsequent update—is only performed on the central server. This is a great advantage in respect to client-server systems in which every time an update takes place it has to be installed on each and every machine.
With the option of Presea ERP in the Cloud, you delegate100% of the responsibility for the system and its maintenance to NeuralSoft. We develop the software, implement it and install it on our own servers located in our two last generation datacenters interconnected by two-way high-speed fiber optics that allow us toper form daily remote backups. We offer our users permanent assistance, both online and over the phone. We also save and secure their information as well as update Presea ERP 4 to 5 times per year with versions that include functional enhancements and the latest tax regulations necessary to comply with the law. All of this is included in a single subscription fee named “ALL INCLUSIVE” without any small print or hidden costs.
Presea ERP in the Cloud
Presea ERP software is located on the NeuralSoft servers, which can be accessed remotely at all times, from any place and on any device connected to the internet.
NeuralSoft takes care of all the necessary aspects to make sure the operating system works: software, hardware, technical support, user assistance, security, maintenance, connectivityand updates.
NeuralSoft has been offering this service since 1999. Today, more than 350 companies use Presea ERP in the Cloud.
Benefits included in the service
  • Hosting in NeuralSoft’s Servers.
  • High-availability optical fiber storage.
  • Communications infrastructure
  • Interconnected branch offices
  • Service of automated and remote daily backups from one datacenter to the other
  • Virus monitoring, detection and removal for hosted files.
  • Home Office
  • Offline P.O.S. service
  • 24-hour attention 365 days a year (optional)
  • SDT (Total Availability System)
  • Customer Care: online and telephone customer service
  • Upgrades: We release 4 to 5 new versions per year with enhanced features and the latest tax regulation adaptations necessary to comply with the law.
  • Optional “Disaster Recovery” service: it allows the client to have the server replicated in both datacenters so that they can continue operating even in case of a disaster, such as a fire in one of the datacenters.

Advantages of our Cloud
NeuralSoft has two of its own datacenters located 3 kilometers from each other, which are interconnected by two-way high-speed fiber optics.
Both datacenters comply with the maximum international information security standards. Clients that have their server in datacenter A have their backups in datacenter B and vice versa.
Double-lock policy: The people responsible for doing the backups—and thus have access to copy information—don’t have permission to see the data; they copy “closed packages.” The NeuralSoft personnel in charge of implementing the system and offering assistance to the user don’t have access to copy the data either.
The access technology of “Remote Desktop” makes it so that the data doesn’t travel over the network but rather only refreshes the screen, which makes itmuch more secure and faster than web applications that are accessed through a browser.
Unification of all the elements and services that make up the solution in a single provider eliminates the classic conflicts of determining whose responsibility it is when something doesn’t function correctly. Thus, the loss of time and money in resolving the first conflict and in resolving the technical problem afterwards are avoided.

Presea ERP offers enhanced speed, thanks to the Remote Desktop technology, which is much faster and more efficient than .html internet browsers.
NeuralSoft’s enhanced availability, its in frastructure and its contingency and redundancy policies make it so that incident and setback rates are much lower than using the client’s current infrastructure.
Savings in hardware purchasing and renovation (servers, UPS, backup devices, etc.).
Savings in license purchases and updates for operating systems, in antivirus and in backup software.
Savings in labor hours allotted to maintenance tasks and technical support.
Predictability of investment in technology eliminates unexpected cost risks to repair hardware failures, breaks or any other type of occurrences as they are covered by a fixed bonus without small print or hidden costs.
SDT® is a device with embedded software developed by NeuralSoft to guarantee connectivity that administers two remote connections so that whena link collapsesthe services automatically pass to the other one. On top of that, SDT® optimizes the speed and quality of the organization’s network connections and allows them to have the company’s information protected and secured automatically.
Available exclusively to the Cloud’s clients, this device fulfills the functions of:
Firewall: Guarantees internal security to the company.
Traffic Shaping: Prioritizes the flow of sensitive information in real time, allowing a higher quantity of work to be done
Router: Administers its connections with load balancing and encryption.
Additionally, it separates and controls the activity between its internal network and the internet, allowing only the data the network administrators define to come and go.
It scans information exchange in order to search for viruses or other malicious programs.
It allows control over the network services that can be accessed from external networks.
It also notifies the company if a machine on the local network tries to connect to machines outside of the company.
On-Premises Presea ERP
In this mode (on premises), the system is installed on your company’s servers.
The system is exactly the same and has the same features as Presea ERP in the Cloud.
In this mode, NeuralSoft offers you a high-level after-sales service essential for taking full advantage of the system, which offers the following advantages:

In the On-Premises mode, Presea ERP is still the best option.

Presea is the only national ERP that doesn’t require external database engines. It only requires the server for the application, while an ERP that works on an external engine requires two servers (one for applications and another for databases). That way, significant costs of purchases and renewal of external engine licenses are avoided and the number of qualified employees required for the base administration is reduced.


At NeuralSoft, we work permanently in optimizing Presea ERP to reduce the processing resources required. We focus on continuous improvement to make the performance of our two datacenters—on which thousands of users simultaneously work online every day. Thus, if you choose Presea ERP On-Premises mode, you will also benefit from Presea ERP’s efficient use of your server.


Even though the information is physically in your company, it’s not possible to access it or modify it without leaving a trace. Given that the data is encrypted at a low level and that Presea ERP doesn’t use external databases, the only way to access the data and modify it is by entering the system with a valid username and password. Presea ERP keeps records of all data transactions and modifications and registers them with date, time, and username.