NeuralSoft is state of the art technology for companies that are always connected.
The story of a vision
Our Journey

Few people can claim that they had a business vision when they were 14 years old and were able to fulfill it. Successfully. Gustavo Viceconti is one of them.

A technology amateur, he learned how to program at a very young age. Almost as a game, he began to develop his own videogames. Mixing work and pleasure, he taught computer classes at Mini Comp, in his hometown, Rosario.

One year later, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to create, together with his uncle, “Todo Computación”, a pioneer in the sale of personal computers.

In 1989, when he was only nineteen years old, Gustavo founded NeuralSoft. He dreamt of a company that could simplify the management of businesses and increase their profitability.

Being a good leader, he knew that the shortest path to make his dream come true was to create a great team. So, he surrounded himself with professionals who shared his passion and enthusiasm to go the extra mile.

In 2000, NeuralSoft became the first Argentinian “business solutions” provider in the Cloud. SMBs were then able to access highly advanced technology that until then had only been available to big corporations.

We invested more than 17% of our billing in research and development in order to continuously enhance our products. This has made NeuralSoft the most advanced business software company in the country: with a team of more than 150 professionals, headquarters in the three biggest cities in Argentina, and one of the five biggest interconnected branch networks operating online.

None of this would have been possible without trust.

Trust in its own growth, which encouraged the company to invest, year after year, in better equipment, cutting-edge technology, excellent professionals and offices equipped with leading-edge infrastructure.
Trust in the support of a company that delivers, which translates into more than 400 clients in Argentina.
Looking to the future
For a visionary, no place is too far away.
With global expansion as a short term goal, NeuralSoft is developing a new platform that will generate a change in the classic paradigm of ERP software development. Our clients will be able to anticipate the changes in their companies without any effort by using artificial intelligence and simulation prediction techniques.
Before Presea ERP, business software designed to improve businesses did not exist. This ground-breaking program will mark the beginning of a new era in the way organizations are managed. NeuralSoft is at the forefront of technological innovation.
NeuralSoft is certified to the ISO 9001:2015 standard for Quality Management System, regarding the Development, Implementation and After-sales service of Presea ERP, Rubiro, Deonics and applications outsourcing services.


The implementation of Quality Management Systems based on this standard is, nowadays, a key decision for the Management of any company, since using this management model, with international recognition, allows organizations to identify its business processes, plan them and control them systemically.
Additionally, NeuralSoft has worked for several years under the CMMI standards. This international model allows the company to obtain the best results, as a consequence of implementing the best practices in software development and implementation.
Internalizing a culture of quality in every member an organization is a constant work in progress. Quality system management provides the framework that allows us to keep growing in the improvement of the processes whose impact can be seen in our products and services.