Estudio de Casos - Weleda S.A.

Weleda is a Swiss company that was founded in 1921. With a history of almost 90 years, this company, engaged in the manufacturing of anthroposophic medicine and natural cosmetics, came to Argentina in the 1970s and began growing in the country. Nowadays, it holds a privileged position in the national and international markets. Currently, the Argentine subsidiary manufactures and sells approximately 80 products, exporting hair care products manufactured in its plant in Beccar, in the Province of Buenos Aires, to Chile and Brazil.


Pomegranate, sea buckthorn, almond, rosehip, iris, lavender, rosemary and a wide selection of the most pure and varied elements that Weleda uses to manufacture its truly natural cosmetics, together with a profound respect for nature, have led this Swiss-German company to become one of the most important natural cosmetics manufacturers in Argentina. Its creams, oils, gels and other products are increasingly becoming the choice of those who seek the most exquisite quality, excellence and effective care for their health and well-being, in harmony with nature. Its products now stand alongside the world’s main beauty product brands thanks to their delicate aromas, which bring harmony and well-being. Its products are considered the most ecologically responsible given their certifications and Premium quality.


Weleda used to be controlled by a single person but, in order to boost its growth, it became part of the International Weleda Group in 1995/1996. This change in the company’s management brought about new requirements and needs.

In 1997, as a result of the company’s increased business volume and due to the lack of a single and complete system that could integrate and organize all its daily operations, Weleda began the search for an ERP to fill that gap. Since that year, the company began managing its IT and administrative processes with Presea ERP, NeuralSoft’s integrated management system.


From that moment on, Weleda continued developing its business and the company continued to grow by working with Presea ERP and its Manufacturing, HR and Business Intelligence subsystems.

In late 1999, a new need arose to find a solution that would satisfactorily respond to new work requirements. NeuralSoft offered a reliable solution that covered all the key elements and that would allow the company to devote to its business and leave all technology matters in the hands of NeuralSoft: Weleda would begin working in an ASP or Private Cloud Computing model. This way, Weleda became NeuralSoft’s first ASP client back in October 2000. This technology allowed Weleda to simplify and integrate its internal management processes, involving areas such as Finance, Billing, Sales and Procurement in 20 work stations, which made the decision-making process faster and more efficient, as updated and online information is permanently available.

This mode currently allows Weleda’s employees to work remotely through licenses and permits, accessing their desktop from any device with Internet access, from anywhere and at anytime. “In short, we outsourced the global maintenance of the IT area to a single responsible party,” states Christian Küng, Weleda’s Finance Director.


“Implementing Presea ERP in an ASP model optimizes our operations and mainly gives us security. There are certain intangible values that are not always taken into consideration but, when there is a change, they make a difference and make us aware that those values were the most needed and useful for our business,” adds Küng.


“We evaluated management software Presea ERP and found out that it met the basic needs of the Sales, Procurement, Manufacturing, Stock, Finance and HR Departments. Additionally, we saw great potential to continue developing other areas and non-standard reports,” recalls Küng. “At that time, we scheduled training sessions that began in November 1996. Later, in January 1997, we began using the basic processes for the management of the company. We are still using NeuralSoft’s software today and there is still great potential to use it even better.”

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