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In 1934, Francisco E. Villares created the first health food store of South America. In only a few years, the venture became a prestigious business, where neighbors of the City of Buenos Aires would purchase products for the end-of-year holiday season.
During the 1960s, Francisco A. Villares, his son, joined the company. His incorporation was followed by a period of expansion and progress, where the company sold its products to stores, restaurants, supermarkets and industries from all over Argentina and neighboring countries.

This growth continues and, during the 1990s, together with the incorporation of the third generation of Villares, the company was reorganized into two large divisions: New Garden, the retail chain, and Villares S.A., the wholesale division for corporate sales. In 2008, the company opened a new plant in Tortuguitas, District of Malvinas Argentinas, Province of Buenos Aires.

Today, wth the mission to “provide the most varied offer of quality products for those who want to add nutritious alternatives to their diet, offer healthy options to your family or simply supplement your meals with varied and healthy foods,” VILLARES S.A. is the main chain of whole, health, functional and organic foods in Buenos Aires, having 11 retail stores, a distribution and logistics plant, and their recently opened first franchise.


In 1999, the company underwent a growth process that resulted in its two business units. Faced with this new challenge, VILLARES S.A. realized it needed to improve its management system and obtain a more effective and customized solution to cover its expanding processes.


At a first stage, the solution was implemented in the traditional manner, which implied that all the information had to be downloaded at headquarters to reconcile all the daily operations. The company’s staff and NeuralSoft worked jointly and did a great job to incorporate all the practical knowledge quickly and efficiently as implementation moved forward. In 2005, the company migrated to the ASP model and achieved excellent results.


By implementing the ASP model, VILLARES S.A. was able to improve the reconciliation of information from its branches, streamline the administrative and financial processes and to have efficient stock control. The ASP allowed the company to continue growing at a steady pace without worrying about interrupting its activities or losing information reliability.

Among the parameterizations, VILLARES stresses the importance of barcode reader by weight as one of the most important operating applications, since this allowed them to reduce the error margin in the ratio weight/billing, to increase income and to solve issues related to the inflation.

Currently, the company has integrated the information from its 11 points of sale and its manufacturing, logistics and distribution center. Additionally, the first franchise of the company has already implemented NeuralSoft’s management solution.

“NeuralSoft has grown and is consolidating day by day,” explains Juan Villares. “Throughout all these years working together we have solved the difficulties and flaws of the service, to overcome them.”

Interview with Juan Villares, VILLARES S.A.’s President

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