Estudio de Casos - Tyrolit Argentina S.A.

TYROLIT is one of the main producers of abrasive products in the world, dedicated to manufacturing grinding, cutting, drilling, honing, dressing and polishing products, as well as machine systems for the construction industry.
The family-owned company based in Austria was founded in 1919 and currently has over 4,600 employees at 29 production locations in 12 countries and on five continents. TYROLIT’s Metal and Precision, Industrial Trade, Construction and Stone and Glass divisions manufacture 80,000 different products. They are offered to customers all over the world by 36 sales companies and additional distributors in 65 countries.

TYROLIT ARGENTINA S.A. has 2 industrial plants that manufacture solid abrasive products. The first plant is located in Morón, Province of Buenos Aires; the second one is located, since 1987, in the Province of San Luis. This is Latin America’s most modern plant manufacturing cutting and zip disks. Tyrolit Argentina’s processes comply with the requirements specified in the most advanced quality and environmental management standards; additionally, all its products comply with the OSA abrasive products’ safety standards

Tyrolit Argentina has become an unchallengeable market leader in our country, backed by the high quality of its products, the world’s most modern manufacturing technology and total customer satisfaction. Additionally, it is the country’s first and greatest solid abrasive exporter.


Faced with the need to change its Process Platform, Tyrolit assessed several software solutions. The choice was based on different criteria, including the possibility of expressing the balance with two or more different structures, to make it compatible with the format of its parent company and so as not to have to do this manually. What they were looking for was efficiency and flexibility, process automation and data reliability.


The first implementation stage was in 1998: using TYROLIT’s Local Chart of Accounts and Alternative Chart of Accounts, each subsystem (Accounting, Treasury, and Credits and Collections) were configured and parameterized to obtain the necessary information easily and efficiently. At this stage, TYROLIT had the assistance of Sandra Bazano, the company’s current Vice-president, with regard to functionalities that are still used to this date, with certain adaptations.

The second stage of the implementation began one year later, incorporating the Sales Management Sector into NeuralSoft’s Management System. For this task, an exhaustive assessment was carried out, which resulted in the activation of parameters to met the client’s needs, the adaptability of circuits and reports and the customization of the Authorizations Circuit, which consisted in an authorization sequence of Orders for Commercial Reasons (when the order does not meet pre-established commercial guidelines) and authorization for Credits (when the order exceeds the limit established for the client).

Afterwards, several specific subsystems were developed (Assignment, Preparation, Goods Dispatch, Export File) to meet the users’ needs. These developments are still in use.
In 2000, there was a third implementation stage, incorporating the Procurement Department into the management solution; until then, this department was not computerized, and through this implementation the procurement information could be cross-referenced with the Accounting information.

The following stage took place in 2005, when the company began using NeuralSoft’s ASP service and all Administrative Departments (General Management, Administrative Management, Management and Commercial Area, Sales Management, Accounting, Treasury and Credits and Collections) were integrated, with excellent results.

Two years later, the Payroll Department was incorporated, due to the need of integrating Payroll calculation into the system’s structure.

Training was provided thanks to the implementation, the commitment and the participation of the IT Department in each of the subsystems that were installed, parameterized and adapted to the company’s working methods – all the company’s employees use NeuralSoft’s Management system.


Throughout these years, each different area had specific requirements, such as: changing the work platform, the transition to the new century with the incorporation of the Sales Subsystem, having all the procurement information in the system’s database integrated with the Accounting information, and integrating Payroll Management. The possibility of having the different facilities of the company (Morón, Buenos Aires and San Luis) connected, sharing and working under an ASP model represents a great added value. This service allowed TYROLIT to centralize the information, reduce process execution times and achieve greater efficiency in day-to-day management.

Every day, the decisions are based on reliable and audited information obtained online from the different subsystems, since all the commercial, accounting and procurement operations are 100% supported by the system.

The benefits can also be seen by TYROLIT’s customers, with regard to the speed and safety in the delivery of their products. This advantage begins when the order is entered and ends when the goods are dispatched; every step of the process is logged.

To conclude, the results can be seen in the speed, security and quality of the information, available to anyone who needs it.

“We have been using NeuralSoft’s system since 1998 and we have seen the results we expected. All our administrative sectors use this solution and find it safe and user-friendly. Additionally, it allows us to exchange information between the different areas, regardless of the platform used by each of them, while maintaining a constant and controlled work pace,” concludes Olga Giglio, a member of TYROLIT’s IT Department.

Olga Giglio, Edgardo Sánchez and Javier Coll Doñetz – Members of TYROLIT’s IT Department

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