Estudio de Casos - Simones

Laura Lichtmaier and Diego Siekiera form a young couple that had, in early 2010, the courage to create a brand with its own identity: Simones.
The originality of Simones lies on the team’s creative ideas and on the fact that they have their own workshop, which allows them to continuously experiment with new stamps and to keep on innovating in the development of different products, from bags, to handbags, to cellphone sleeves or decoration accessories. They handle everything: from fabrics to design, to stamps and supplies.
In their stores, you can find multiple products for everyday life: bags, handbags, necessaire bags, laptop sleeves, iPad and cellphone cases, wallets, pillows, sneakers and a new line: Simones Mini, for kids. Their stores are “pet friendly”, so that dog lovers can choose their products together with their pets.

The growth of this 100% Argentine company was steep and, to sustain it, they had to invest and professionalize accordingly. Laura, its owner, tells us her story and the process to implement Rubiro, NeuralSoft management software for SMEs.

How did Simones start?

We started out with a very small place for wholesale and, after almost 4 years, we now have 6 stores in the main shopping malls, 3 franchises and an online sales platform that keeps growing. The context of growth in the country helped us and the public accepted our proposals gladly.

How did you learn about NeuralSoft and decided to try Rubiro?

Thanks to a lifelong friend, Liora, who Works in NeuralSoft’s Professional Services area, I became more aware of the need to have a software and of the benefits of professionalizing our management. Faced with the chaos of the initial management I told her about, she explained how a management software, in particular, Rubiro, could help us.

Before that, we at Simones did everything with worksheets and documents on Drive, but that was not efficient to manage the business. The truth is, we were not looking for a software, but we knew that something was not working out to keep the business going.

How was Rubiro’s implementation process?

It was a necessary evil! You have to make time to learn how to use it, have your staff trained and wait to see the benefits. However, the implementation time was a short one. And now I really don’t know how we managed without a system!

What concrete results and benefits have you achieved after implementing Rubiro?

The main benefit is being able to have comprehensive control of the company, since this allows us to grow and to continue professionalizing. Now we have an order. Managing and controlling all matters related to stock and points of sale is now really simpler.

What are the company’s projects in the short term?

One of our objectives is to provide the Simones Mini line with more independence, for it to achieve its own identity and its own path. Additionally, we want to increase production and to open another store and add franchises in the rest of the country, in places as important as Córdoba or Mendoza.

Regarding management software, we are currently evaluating the possibility of exploring the benefits offered by Presea, NeuralSoft’s ERP, to manage Procurement, Sales, Finance, Accounting, Business Intelligence, etc., especially because we believe that Presea will allow us to use other reports that will be very useful. Perhaps for the migration we may use the benefits offered by Sepyme, the Loans Program of the Ministry of Industry of the Nation. We’ll have to assess all this.

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