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“With the ASP service, I have online access to all the branches, with reliable stock information, from anywhere.” Hugo Saidon – Managing Partner.


With the aim of attending the needs of the manufacturing and mining industries through comprehensive logistics, Segufer provides hardware and safety products, instruments, equipment, consumables and related items to companies all over the country.

Segufer’s Operating Center has three management areas: Administration and Quality, Sales and Marketing, and Logistics and Delivery. The company provides services to large companies through flexible logistics adapted to meet the requirements of each sector. In addition, its Quality Management System has been ISO 9001 certified since 2007.

Segufer, as a distributor, is the channel used by the main national and international companies and brands in the industry to directly distribute products from manufacturing and services companies, offering standardized and certified products pursuant to ISO, CE, UL, NIOSH, OSHA and IRAM standards.

Strengthening its commitment to provide the best service, Segufer has branches in the provinces of San Juan, Buenos Aires, Santa Cruz, Catamarca and Jujuy, employing approximately 135 people. In 2013, as a novelty in the Hardware and Industrial Safety equipment sales industry, the company created, a 24/7 e-commerce platform to purchase products and request quotes


For 20 years, Segufer’s team has worked to achieve the highest customer service and issue-solving standards.

The daily challenge of providing the best solutions led the company to emphasize optimization of its processes and procedures.

Segufer needed to have accurate information of the products in its warehouses.

Effectively managing warehouses was difficult because they had no exact knowledge of the amount of goods in stock, their location within the warehouse and branches. These problems prevented it from providing efficient customer service and deliveries. Additionally, the company lacked an integrated system, which hindered access to accurate information regarding the status, follow-up and control of deliveries.

Two of the inconveniences the company was going though were that stock control required detailed knowledge of products, and the lack of experience associated with the use of the tool. The lack of explicit and organized processes only hindered day-to-day operations. Consequently, Segufer needed to optimize administrative tasks, orders organization and documents follow-up, since all of these tasks were performed manually.


In 1997, Segufer purchased the solutions offered by NeuralSoft: ERP, Manufacturing, Business Intelligence, Workflow, CRM and HR. The increased number of employees and the business growth took the company to the next step: migrating to the ASP model. The company saw an advantage in outsourcing the IT Department to a single supplier: NeuralSoft.

With over 110 purchased licenses, Segufer has been working with NeuralSoft’s Technological Platform and benefiting from the ASP model since early 2003. Lucas Lahitte, Project Leader, recalls that “the new model implementation brought about a conceptual change in the work systems: from how the information is accessed to its organization and analysis. The inter-department work policy and NeuralSoft’s implementation method allowed employees to incorporate the new tool into their tasks and to request new functionalities after only a few weeks.”


The company has integrated all information, simplifying management and process traceability. Managers can access all the company information in real time, which allows them, among other things, to learn and follow up the status of deliveries. With just one click, Segufer’s staff can access all its data, delivery notes and listings, from anywhere with an Internet connection.

NeuralSoft’s Business Intelligence provides Segufer with a complete set of management indicators to enhance the time of response to managers’ online queries. The Automation Engine allows them to define the execution and frequency of reports, eliminating the need for users to request this information manually. Working as any other employee, the Automation Engine works 24 hours a day: with alerts in the collection, claims and orders, and authorizations for approval circuits. The Queries also provide “tailored” reports that respond to the specific needs of the business.

With access to the actual stock in the warehouses, managers know not only the total number of products, but also the quantity of each specific product, the warehouse in which they are stored and their actual location in the warehouse. This allows them to have real-time access to integrated information on the entire stock of the company, which, in turn, makes it possible to place orders and respond effectively, based on predefined parameters, avoiding excess stock and logging all operations inside and outside the warehouse.

As a result of the processes definition and systematization, it is possible to identify the considerable improvements in the use of the work tools. Now each employee won’t need to waste time setting up their own procedures. In this line, the Project Leader explained that, in order to pick up items from the warehouse, in the past they needed an expert that was familiar with the tools and with the products and their location in the warehouse. Currently, in less than a week, any employee with no previous contact with the system can work as efficiently as anyone with greater expertise in the task.

Implementing the system also implied an administrative advantage: Segufer’s internal and external documents, apart from its products and boxes, have barcodes, and the work stations are equipped with barcode scanners. Code-reading optimizes administrative and logistical processes, avoiding typing mistakes, eliminating rework and achieving greater data reading speed, in addition to effectively monitoring the information.


The company was able to confirm that NeuralSoft contributes to the development of business, anticipating growth and new requirements, through a robust, safe and reliable product. Segufer has over 5,500 employees and a warehouse area of more than 3,500 square meters. They needed to find a system that was up to the challenge of the size of their warehouses. Using NeuralSoft’s technological solution, they are able to identify which product is in which shelf, their amount and the specific warehouse they are stored in.

“We know it’s a mix: we delegate certain tasks to the best and we specialize in our segment,” states Lucas Lahitte. And he adds: “We no longer worry about software, maintenance and security issues because we know that NeuralSoft will take care of all that.”

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