Estudio de Casos - López Forciniti S.A.

A company that manufactures industrial supplies, including hardware, security products, and bolts


López Forciniti specializes in offering qualified service in the supply of industrial hardware products, optimizing the relationship between clients, collaborators, shareholders, suppliers and the company as a whole. For this purpose, it has developed continuous improvement policies, technical and commercial training for its staff, in order to guarantee the quality of its services, products and logistics. All of this is supported by the fact that the company’s quality services are ISO 9001 certified.

After over 40 years in the market, López Forciniti has become a major player in the industry. Created to satisfy the imminent demand of industrial supplies, the company currently meets the needs of small and large manufacturers and has become the largest hardware store in inland Argentina.


The avant-garde nature that differentiates them from the competition led them to search for a system that would allow them to undertake expansion projects. López Forciniti managed Quality using one system, Procurement and Sales using a second one and, worksheets for certain circuits. Moreover, the management of Human Resources was conducted manually, which caused delays and brought about difficulties when trying to meet deadlines, especially when the company was planning to double the number of employees.

Not only did this fragmentation cause rework in some areas of the company, but it also resulted in a lack of consistent reports in real time. To cope with this situation, it was essential for the company to find a management solution that, in addition to the Procurement and Sales subsystems, could handle the management of the company’s areas and integrate the Quality system with the relevant standards and procedures manual.


The company purchased the Presea ERP, CRM, Business Intelligence and HR solutions in ASP (Cloud Computing) model. After assessing López Forciniti’s needs and after the project proposal was accepted, the implementation process began. Firstly, the main tools were deployed and, during a second stage, improvements and the Human Resources, Workflow, control panels and Business Intelligence functionalities were implemented. The third and final stage included process optimization and validation, together with the development of an extranet.

Although the company had already changed systems, implementing Presea ERP required the effort of all the company’s employees, and, especially, the commitment of the Project Leader and the Board of Directors.


Consolidating the company’s management system allowed López Forciniti’s executives to devote time to strategic decision-making to face the magnitude of the upcoming projects. Given that the company now had concrete information in real time regarding the actual stock at the company’s headquarters and at the new offices, opening a new branch required less effort than they had expected. Additionally, thanks to Presea ERP, NeuralSoft’s management software, the company was able to access functionalities such as stock reserves, allowing greater predictability to improve customer care.

With the aim of integrating the different areas and processes, the company accessed a circuit that helped centralizing the operations distributed throughout its 6 manufacturing plants. “At López Forciniti, we manage orders preparation using the Manufacturing subsystem. For this purpose, we use the Group Preparation circuit, sort the orders by geographical area and then gather them for Dispatch, having the control and thetracking information for each product,” explains Leonardo Forciniti, Project Leader and Board member.

One of the new benefits is the value added by tools such as Queries, the Control Panel and the Automation Engine. The company has 28 indicators – 24 of which are strategic – that are used during Board of Directors’ Meetings – and the others are operational. Additionally, it has more than 170 queries, and more than half of them are associated with automation engines. Optimizing time and resources assigned to non-specific tasks is one of the aspects the company values from NeuralSoft’s technological solution. “We can’t believe how much time we’re saving: having the information stored in the cloud is priceless. I don’t depend on anyone else to access it, or to learn how many customers are assisted by each store assistant, what customers are no longer purchasing from us, etc.,” adds Leonard Forciniti.

Presea HR allowed the company to manage human resources more efficiently, and processes like payroll calculation are now automated.

This well-known industrial hardware store understands that the value brought by Presea ERP differentiates López Forciniti S.A. from other companies in the industry. While the query allows the company to obtain reports based on its requirements, linking the query to the Automation Engine frees the executive from remembering and requesting the preparation of reports, since they can be assigned automatically, and tasks may be performed during the time of the day when the resources have higher availability. One example is the instant update of sales agreements. Additionally, the association with the Automation Engine allows the company to inform customers and suppliers of their pending items and their respective delivery status.


With NeuralSoft, López Forciniti found the answers to its main needs: integration, scalability and state-of-the-art technology. The robustness offered by NeuralSoft’s technological solutions allowed us to centralize all departments under a single platform.

“The ASP was decisive – nowadays, the difference is marked by the value offered to customers and suppliers, and not only by the internal accounting processes,” assures the Project Leader.

López Forciniti was working on an Extranet Project that was almost impossible at the hardware level. The ASP or Cloud Computing model brought about greater feasibility to complete the project, since the investment and hardware maintenance tasks were undertaken by NeuralSoft. Additionally, thanks to the ASP model, it is not just the Board of Directors that is able to monitor the company’s activities: door-to-door salesmen may access and control their sale tasks and processes remotely from any device with Internet access. Additionally, being suppliers of IT solutions, NeuralSoft is able to guarantee the highest level of security for López Forciniti’s information.

After implementing NeuralSoft’s Presea ERP, López Forciniti’s customers may access stock, prices and order status information online. The high level of integration of the company’s different departments has made it possible for customers to retrieve information on their current accounts.

“We needed our clients to notice the benefits of the new solutions. Now, they can see our management actions through the reports they receive regularly,” concludes Leonardo Forciniti.

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