Estudio de Casos - La Fábrica

La Fábrica is an Argentine company created in the early 90’s by two great childhood friends: Alberto Bergoc and Gabriel Matyas. In the beginning, they started working as a wholesale company selling sweet products that were distributed to sweet shops and take-out places until they opened their own store, where they sold cocktail sandwiches in small amounts and at reasonable prices. The company positioned itself slowly, moved to a plant with 400 square meters and began to diversify.

From its beginning, they have kept the family traditional recipes, combining European confectionery with home bakery. They are well known for their special offers and have specialized in lunch services and menus for family and company events. Currently, they have 4 own plants: bakery, cold store, intermediate and finished products, both sweet and salted, in addition to a fleet of refrigerated vehicles to guarantee the cold chain through the distribution of its products. Its huge expansion resulted in 37 stores (own and franchised) in the City of Buenos Aires and the Greater Buenos Aires, and 6 stores (2 own and 4 franchised) and a manufacturing plant in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Their customer profile is wide, covering a multitarget market: solutions for massive celebrations and corporate events, which demand different products. To be able to provide answers for every client, they have set up a call center and offer different menus. We talked to Esteban Galletto, La Fábrica’s IT Manager, to ask him how NeuralSoft is helping them with this expansion through the technological solution Presea ERP.

How did you learn about NeuralSoft?

When we began searching for a software solution to manage our points of sale, we contacted different technology suppliers. We contacted NeuralSoft through a member of our Marketing department, who already knew the company.

What was the main need you had to solve?

The rapid expansion of the company made it necessary to systematize the management of our points of sale. At that time, the stores would send reports prepared in Excel, there were many deviations and management was not efficient. That is why, in 2010, we looked for an application that was specifically designed for points of sale. We analyzed several options (NeuralSoft among them) and, based on costs, we opted for a different supplier and ran a test in 4 stores.

At first, that solution worked, but we were later faced with a new challenge: the company decided to change the tailored Management system we had been working with until then for an integrated Management system, an ERP, that included a Business Intelligence tool and that would give us the opportunity to access good reporting and/or data management. So we contacted NeuralSoft once again. We decided to hire their services because Presea ERP covered all our needs and was the most economic option, compared to other suppliers that offered extremely costly solutions.

How was the implementation process of Presea ERP?

The relationship with NeuralSoft was great from day one, ever since pre-sale negotiations. They were very patient, prepared several demos adapted to our company and a pilot test for the call center, which was our greatest concern. Particularly, they offered great flexibility with regard to financing.

At first, as is usual, there was some resistance from within the company, but nothing too serious. The strategy of the IT Department was to agree with the different sectors on needs and expectations, seeking to have everyone convinced that Presea ERP was really a solution for everyone. Together with NeuralSoft’s executives, we set up a demo for each sector of La Fábrica, for them to see each specific subsystem in action (Sales, Procurement, Administration, Finance, CRM, HR) and to learn all the benefits an ERP software as Presea would provide. Internal consensus is paramount for these projects to succeed, and we made it!

Regarding implementation per se, it was conducted in the agreed times, with a minor delay related to operating issues proper to implementation and not to the adaptations of the system we requested.

In any case, the integration process has not been completed yet. We expect to do this during the first half of this year.

What are the main improvements you noticed after implementing Presea ERP?

The first benefit we noticed when we started using Presea ERP was that it was really helpful to find deviations in the stores: cash, products, etc. We had suspected these deviations, but we didn’t have, until then, a tool that would allow us to measure them, with accurate information. Thanks to the reduction of deviations, the revenues in some stores grew up to 20%.

Something really important is to be able to measure, with statistics in real time, the results of our special offers. This is extremely important for the Marketing team; every morning, they receive a report with the campaign metrics that allows them to carry out the necessary adjustments or changes for the campaigns to be more effective, which will, in turn, result in a greater amount of sales.

We also see many advantages of working with an ASP model in the IT Department. On the one hand, it gives us the possibility to log in remotely, which is extremely useful for Supervisors. On the other hand, it also makes it easier for us to get a new position working or to quickly and easily replace any piece of equipment in case of failure. The user is able to continue using every functionality from any computer, accessing the system with their username and password, or to immediately start working in a computer with a fresh installation.

Would you recommend Presea ERP?

Yes, I would recommend it, because of the advantages it offers and the quality service provided by NeuralSoft through the ASP subscription (technical support and customer care). Working with an ASP model offers the additional advantage of lower investments in servers and maintenance.

What are your future projects, both for the company and with regard to your work with NeuralSoft?

With NeuralSoft, we want to completely integrate Presea ERP with the entire company, and we want this to help the growth and diversification process La Fábrica has projected for this year in the Argentine market. We are also planning to adapt the system to Brazil’s tax system, in order to be able to use Presea ERP in our Brazilian stores and plant.

Any general conclusions?

As IT Manager, Presea ERP represents, for me, an added value for my job, and NeuralSoft has become an ally that helps me improve my time and management tasks.

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