Estudio de Casos - Ivanar

Ivanar is an Argentine company with over thirty years of experience, leading the market of steel manufacturing and commercialization, oriented towards becoming a comprehensive supplier for the manufacturing, agricultural and construction industries.
In addition to the products it offers, the company also provides supplementary services, including commercial and technical consulting, transportation of materials, cutting and folding iron bars for construction adapted to fit clients’ needs, among other options.

During the past few years, the company was devoted to a series of strategic investments and commissioned a modern Industrial Plant located in Parque Industrial Metropolitano, in the city of Pérez, Province of Santa Fe, with a covered floor area of 13,000 square meters for its steel manufacturing processes.


In 2010, the company was undergoing a clear expansion process and its directors decided to optimize the administrative management, especially with regard to organization, processes and work procedures. The administrative system they were using back then failed to cover the company’s general needs.

After a diagnostic conducted at that time with respect to the administration and the processes of the company in connection with the system they were using, they concluded that the aspects that needed improvement were: traceability in management; integration of circuits and processes; procurement management and control; administration of resources; technological scalability; stocks management.

“No software solves problems in business problems that are poorly defined,” assures Hugo Marinesco, Ivanar’s IT Manager.

So it was clear that the company needed to re-engineer its processes in order to have a solid base from the operating perspective, which would allow it to define the requirements the software had to meet. The issues that were emphasized were: organizational and organic structure, lines of authority and control; functions of every process and their interconnection; duties of the staff and relationship between the performance of the specific duties of each position; communication between the different areas

It was also clear that, for the project to succeed, it was fundamental, on the one hand, for the staff to be completely involved and, on the other hand, for the managers to decide to face the change with the help of a technological partner that would assist the company during this process.


When the time came to choose a management software, the company analyzed different variables, including: corporate strength (number of years in the market, number of clients, references); method of implementation; costs; post-sales support.

“Hiring a good supplier can boost efficiency, but choosing poorly can result extremely costly in terms of time and money,” adds Marinesco.

After analyzing several proposals, Ivanar chose Presea ERP because NeuralSoft, apart from the software itself, offered an integrated service platform that covered other important needs, such as: data processing in NeuralSoft’s Data center (Private Cloud Computing); SDT (Full Availability System), a service that allows to manage more than one Internet access, prioritizing traffic and automatically switching to a secondary link if the main link is broken; confidentiality of the information; daily backup service of all the files that comprise the software; integrated email service; virus removal and anti-spam filters; Office package (Excel, Word, Power Point, Access); personnel training and implementation service; Help Desk; possibility to modify or add new functionalities; version upgrades; flexibility of the contracts; among others.


After implementing Presea ERP in 2011, Ivanar experienced satisfactory results that confirm that the premises and objectives set at the beginning of the project have been met.

The main benefits for the company are:

  • Accessibility: Since they operate in Private Cloud Computing, the personnel access their applications from anywhere and at any time using an Internet connection, from desktop computers, notebooks, tablets or cellphones.
  • Safety and confidentiality: Regarding both access to the information and storage.
  • Availability: High availability, in line with the service level agreements.
  • Performance: Excellent response times of all the applications, supported by the company’s connections.
  • Scalability: Presea ERP allows them to increase the number of users and applications in very short times, without worrying about support.
  • Costs: Being centralized, costs can be controlled and it is simple to manage them, which grants a certain degree of flexibility when faced with unexpected market changes.
  • Technical and functional support: Permanent assistance, with regard to both technical (communications, innovations, updates) and functional issues, through improvements made to the software (development of new versions) and training.
  • Operator help service: Help Desk with extended hours of operations and exclusive account executives for each client.
  • Infrastructure: By relying on NeuralSoft for all matters related to hardware, updates, equipment maintenance, etc., the company was able to minimize the structure of its IT Department, which resulted in lower costs.

NeuralSoft’s “in the cloud” working method has proven to be an excellent solution for Ivanar. Currently, 95% of the functionalities are developed under the concept of Cloud Computing.

“Having a services and applications supplier as strategic partner has clearly been an effective decision for the company,” concludes Hugo Marinesco.

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