Estudio de Casos - Industrial Deckert S.A.

With a history of 58 years, this industrial hardware company has contributed to the growth of its clients, which are companies with leading roles in the development of the country from varied industries, such as the mining, oil, metallurgical, utilities, food, construction, automotive, chemical, and petrochemical sectors, among others. Industrial Deckert’s specialized technicians, who work in different areas, advise clients on the purchase of the industrial products that most efficiently adapt to their needs.


Industrial Deckert is an Argentine family company providing solutions to the industry since 1979. The company was founded in 1956 by Pablo Deckert, with the aim of offering comprehensive solutions by distributing machinery, tools and supplies. Industrial Deckert is a direct importer and representative of industrial wheels, tools for the oil and mining industries, and gas and water pipelines and grids. With a catalog of over 50,000 products, the company is the distributor of the major national and international brands of industrial hardware products, hand tools, electrical and pneumatic machinery, steel cables, industrial supplies, and industrial safety elements.


In mid-2005, after continued growth, Industrial Deckert S.R.L. started considering the possibility of acquiring a new management system that would respond more effectively to the daily needs of its members. One of the requirements was for the new system to offer the possibility of developing a reliable and safe database with information on suppliers, clients, prices, etc., in addition to integrating information from purchases, sales, accounting, and other operations. The company’s managers acknowledged that they needed a solution that would allow them to obtain strategic business information and the program had to be user-friendly. Another important aspect of their analysis was to find a working method that would allow all branches of the company (located in several geographical regions, like San Juan, Santa Cruz, etc.) to work online.


After analyzing several products, with NeuralSoft they found the answer to all their needs thanks to the solutions offered by Presea ERP, Business Intelligence and ASP.

The implementation took 8 months of hard work, including consulting tasks; the re-engineering of certain processes to guarantee high quality standards; the configuration and parameterization of the program, and the training of end users.

NeuralSoft’s high degree of responsibility and strong commitment to the project were key drivers of the process. At all times, the work environment was outstanding and all the members of the company showed great willingness and motivation.


Industrial Deckert began to obtain strategic information with great added value and increased security in the administration of all its databases, and was able to use time more efficiently and to concentrate and integrate its entire operation in a single scenario. Following the implementation of the Presea ERP system in its Headquarters in Buenos Aires and in every branch, NeuralSoft’s integrated management system currently provides an additional benefit by giving all the departments more time to conduct other essential tasks.


Because Presea ERP allows us to check out all the information of the company and of each of its branches, offering top-quality reports and results to measure stock management and to help employees work more efficiently.

Analía Mastroianni – Managing Partner

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