Estudio de Casos - Helvetica S.A.

Founded in 1904, Helvética began its operations as a manufacturer of metallurgical elements for household and construction equipment. Focusing its industrial potential in the transportation industry, the company participated in the evolution of this sector developing equipment and services.

By 1999, HELVETICA S.A. had acquired the brand and exclusive commercialization rights of the entire HELVETICA trailers line. In 2001, the company was awarded ISO 9001:2008 certification, confirming its leadership and commitment to development and innovation.

HELVETICA S.A.’s policies include: satisfying its clients’ expectations and implementing practices to foster its employees’ professional growth within and outside the company.


After being in the market for over 100 years, HELVETICA S.A. has significantly developed its business, strengthening its position with each new project. To face the new challenges, the company considered adding an ERP system. One of the company’s main requirements was that the software should allow it to manage its business in an integrated and planned manner. Similarly, the solution they purchased had to be up to the challenge of the company’s exponential growth.

The company’s intention to choose a national technological solution that could solely supply database, consulting services, ASP infrastructure and development favored the election of NeuralSoft. Additionally, HELVETICA S.A. considered the Customer Care department to be synonymous with transparency when managing questions and allocations.


In early 2006, HELVETICA S.A. incorporated NeuralSoft’s integrated system under the ASP model. The company’s commitment with the new proposal was clear from the beginning: both Management and project leaders worked together with their teams to simplify the change management that every implementation brings about.

HELVETICA S.A. strictly measured the time and the units of measurements involved in its tasks, since analyzing working criteria and processes was essential to define its circuits. Additionally, assessing the processes eased their optimization and the implementation of better practices.

NeuralSoft simplified information processing by creating customized reports to meet the needs of each department. Additionally, implementing the tool had a positive impact and favored the planning, organization and scope of the results.

The company was also concerned with the security of the information: NeuralSoft’s database is encrypted, guaranteeing traceability and safety of the information. By using the ASP model, HELVETICA S.A. also receives monitoring functionalities, savings in back-up devices, and virus detection and removal.

Similarly, the automated tool allows the company to follow up different tasks that simplify compliance with, and control of objectives in due time and course. “There is even a certain degree of ‘fanaticism’ involved because, when you see the benefits of accessing the information and having the required data that will help you make the right decisions, you monitor the operations constantly. However, you can actually rely on the automatic alarms and logs you receive as a result of your settings. Upper and middle management can free their minds and focus on innovating and keep growing,” stated Diego Donato, Head of the ICT Systems Department.


With NeuralSoft, the company highlights the possibility of centralizing the management of the different business units and having reliable information in real time, which allows it to respond immediately. This new management and administration method favors time optimization and costs reduction. With NeuralSoft, HELVETICA S.A. makes predictive cash flow analyses and has access to accurate forecasts regarding when and how much to invest.

Another feature stressed by the Head of the ICT Systems Department was the immediate availability of updates, which allows the company to comply with tax requirements. Additionally, the functionalities of tools such as CRM help create customer loyalty and aim actions at exceeding customers’ expectations.

At a more operating level, and thanks to the system and the information obtained through the reports from one of the business units, in terms of its human resources, HELVETICA S.A. was able to revert and prevent several situations that used to delay the processes or hinder the administrative circuits used before the implementation. In turn, NeuralSoft’s logistic management guarantees a minimum batch of pieces and absolute scrap control. Once again, it is clear that having updated information fosters and simplifies the decision-making process.

Data and reports integration and centralization are two benefits that HELVETICA S.A. prioritizes over having scattered information. Another highlight? The possibility of logging and following up the service and satisfaction surveys. The same happens with the checks reader, a tool that is considered a “gadget” that reduces the possibility of mistakes and optimizes the work process.

Why NeuralSoft?

HELVÉTICA S.A. is planning to further strengthen its work team offering cascade trainings to the users in each department, to maximize the functionalities and benefits of working with NeuralSoft in the long term. This results in teams that manage their activities dynamically and effectively.

HELVÉTICA S.A.’s accountants have the necessary resources to conduct follow-ups and compare the commercial/administrative management and the accounting management. This is supplemented by the customization of Reports, Queries, Worksheets, and Cubes developed by the IT Department together with NeuralSoft’s consultants, all of which generate accurate and valuable information to make tactical and strategic Management decisions.

“The main reason why we chose NeuralSoft was that it showed the scalability and consistency needed to support the company’s growth,” expressed Diego Donato, from the ICT Systems Department. “As head of the IT Department, ASP meets my every need,” he added.

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