Estudio de Casos - Gimos

More than 150 people work every day at Gimos, doing their best to offer clothes of the highest quality for babies and children.


Gimos S.A. is an Argentine company with over 20 years of experience in the designing, manufacturing and commercialization of clothing, shoes and accessories for babies and children. Since its foundation, the aim of the company has been to provide high-quality clothes for children of all ages, following global fashion trends, offering varied and complete collections.


The Buenos Aires headquarters include the following departments: design, lab, manufacturing and quality control, marketing, commerce, administration, storages and showroom. The company has more than 20 brand-name stores, owned by the company or franchised, located in the main arteries and shopping malls and all over the country in over 200 multi-brand stores.

The company’s growth made it necessary to modernize the company’s structure in order to continue reaching its goals. To do so, Gimos needed to streamline and automate its internal processes, to focus on the core of its business and obtain even more satisfactory results.


After hiring NeuralSoft’s financial and accounting integrated management solution, ERP, HR and Business Intelligence, in 2001 Gimos implemented a change in its computer engineering processes to be able to add new services which would allow it to further develop its business. Thanks to the ASP service, Gimos was able to outsource its entire IT Department, and NeuralSoft took over its control, management and maintenance.

Terminals were set up and connected to NeuralSoft’s servers, and the users received training on the optimal use of all of the system’s resources


By incorporating these solutions, the company was able to integrate its headquarters and the points of sale, achieving total control of the business in real time, for efficient decision making. Additionally, it had access to cutting-edge technology, continuous training, support service, safeguarding of its data and was able to reduce costs associated with maintenance tasks, software licenses, hardware, connectivity and Internet access. These savings translated into optimum employee performance, improved internal and external communications, and faster processes.

By implementing the solutions provided by the Technological Platform developed by NeuralSoft, Gimos was able to continue expanding and achieving its goals. Thanks to this working method, companies like Gimos have access to state-of-the-art technology, training and support at highly convenient costs


“NeuralSoft implied a great benefit for us, because we can focus on the core of our business and leave the proper operation of our information systems in reliable hands, which means we are able to significantly reduce costs associated with maintenance, software licenses, hardware, connectivity, technical support, among others.” Mariano Andini, Gimos’ Financial Administrative Manager.

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