Estudio de Casos - Georgalos Hnos. S.A.I.C.A

Founded in 1939, GEORGALOS HNOS S.A.I.C.A has always stood out for its search for providing excellent quality, as a goal and, especially, a philosophy shared by all members of the company.
GEORGALOS’ history began almost by chance. In 1937, a young Miguel Georgalos (the father of the company’s current president) left his motherland, Greece, to temporarily settle in Warsaw, Poland. There, he learned the crafts of the candy industry. When World War II broke out, Miguel left Warsaw and went to Buenos Aires, where he began manufacturing, at a small scale, peanut paste, the main raw material of his famous Mantecol. In 1949, the company fulfilled its dream of having its own premises and purchased the building located at Segurola 1710.
In the early 1950s, the flavor of Mantecol was so widely accepted in Argentina that the company had toproduce their own raw materials. That was how GEORGALOS planned and consolidated [!]its activities in the province of Córdoba as well, an ideal place produce and harvest peanuts. In 1962, GEORGALOS purchased new premises in the city of Buenos Aires in order to build a plant that met the most demanding industry standards and, in 1969, the company started using the technology needed to manufacture candy and chocolate. As a result, distribution became a new challenge.GEORGALOS added a new building in 1986 to manage all sale and distribution activities.

Currently, GEORGALOS’ Board of Directors and its Management maintain the company’s original vision [!] and philosophy, supported by their strong beliefs and values to consolidate the success of their work.


In view of its great growth, GEORGALOS understands the need to have a system able to provide greater information integration and support to the company throughout all its changes and growth stages without losing reliability and accuracy of the information.

The company analyzed a large number of solution suppliers and unanimously decided to implement NeuralSoft’s management solution. A key factor that led the company to select NeuralSoft was the quality of the after-sale service offered by the Customer Care department.


The implementation was planned and conducted in stages. Firstly, the solution was implemented in the Sales and Financial areas, involving administration, inventories, stock and logistics subsystems. For a company as large as GEORGALOS, these are the areas where reliability of information is essential.

We are currently working to implement the solution in the HR and Payroll departments, which will significantly streamline tasks and reduce rework.


Two of the main benefits GEORGALOS experienced upon implementing NeuralSoft’s management solution are data integration and information reliability. These qualities are supplemented by the possibility of issuing daily reports and conducting permanent audits, increasing data control and data safety.

Other important aspects that GEORGALOS highlights are the streamlining of daily tasks and the independence of the staff to make their own queries.

“The tool efficiency allowed us to avoid unnecessary expenditures,” stated Mario Sampedro, GEORGALOS’ Head of IT Department.

The thorough research, study and after-sale service aimed at meeting the client’s needs are significant distinctive factors that should also be mentioned.

In the near future, GEORGALOS will implement the Manufacturing subsystem, aiming to merge both plants operations and improve procurement projections, anticipating stock in a more organized manner with instant information in real time.

Interview with Alberto Mario Sampedro, Head of GEORGALOS HNOS S.A.I.C.A’s IT Department

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