Estudio de Casos - El Mundo del Juguete S.A.

El Mundo Del Juguete is a company devoted to follow children’s growth through its products. Founded in 1981, it remains committed to improving the quality of their products and to providing added value and an excellent service.

After almost 30 years and with 31 self-owned stores located in the country’s main shopping malls, El Mundo del Juguete is currently the largest toy retailer chain in the MERCOSUR.


The need of a tool that could integrate the information from the entire company solving, at the same time, the issue of keeping adequate stock control.


The main items that were considered, and that PRESEA could solve as a technological management solution, were the possibility to make a low investment in hardware and to have a single supplier in charge of maintenance and updates.

The ASP or Private Cloud Computing model was implemented by EL MUNDO DEL JUGUETE’s own staff; the implementation began in 2004 and, after only 1 month, the system was fully operational in 70% of the Buenos Aires stores. At first, the system was implemented in the administrative area and at the points of sale; later, the needs of the Finance, Procurement and HR departments arose.


After PRESEA was implemented in EL MUNDO DEL JUGUETE, the company created an IT Department and, later, an Audit Department. Whereas the IT Department was in charge of the system’s operation and its customization to fit the needs of the company, the Audit Department was in charge of fully controlling the stock, with the advantage of having all the stores interconnected.

For the company’s directors, the greatest benefit relied on working with an ASP model, which allowed them to receive information on the company’s economic and financial operations instantly and from any location. The possibility of accessing this information in a safe and reliable manner allows them to solve contingencies faster, improving management for customers and suppliers.

Another benefit they noticed relied on being able to automate bank reconciliations, reducing man-hours and allowing the directors to understand the company’s financial position in a real context and to improve strategic decision-making.

EL MUNDO DEL JUEGUETE found a great ally for problem-solving in NeuralSoft’s Customer Service; however, they believe that, as with any sector growth, the processes become slower and require more steps, and they expect that their directors will be able to act more independently and expeditiously in the future.

Additionally, the company considers NeuralSoft’s consultants to be specialists in the constant development and better use of this tool and plans to maintain regular contact with them..
Interview with Diego Di Lonardo, El mundo del juguete’s IT Manager

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