Estudio de Casos - El Balcón

El Balcón S.A. is a family business engaged in the sale of beauty care products and perfumes. The company was founded in Córdoba over 28 years ago and it has developed its own line of perfumes and accessories with 13 stores in the province.


During the past 10 years, El Balcón implemented several closed-source operating systems that became obsolete and were unable to continue responding to the management’s needs. Obtaining data for queries was difficult and ineffective, and extracting information by variables, profiles or groups was not allowed. This made it impossible to analyze information to manage and make decisions regarding the company’s future actions, since the systems were not integrated. Studying the company’s processes required a large number of staff to prepare reports, access to the information was not fast and the operating performance was suboptimal.


For the chain, one of the key issues was to have real-time information on each store’s stock. Since products are seasonal, the country’s economic variables affect purchases and the consumer profile changes over time, managing stock is crucial for success.

For this purpose, the company needed a tool that would allow for organization management with direct access to results. The system had to allow cross-referencing customer information to understand their behavior and assist, inform and send them special offers based on their profile, purchasing capacity and frequency with which they acquired products.

The supplier selection process began in 2003 and included interviews with multinational and local companies. “We were looking for a tool that would allow us to use multiple connections for the many stores we have. NeuralSoft was the right choice. We found a new way of doing business. The most important benefit is remote management, because we want to generate new business models that include both the physical and the virtual aspect, to be able to expand to the whole country,” states Hugo De Miguel, El Balcón’s President.

In early 2004, the company began implementing NeuralSoft’s Technological Platform. The company originally acquired the CRM solution and the implementation process took a month and a half. The results were immediate: By having all the users connected to the Platform through the Internet, the managers could know each store’s invoicing and generate online reports on the behavior of the local market and the consumers, based on the chosen variables.

When implementing this solution, El Balcón chose to acquire its own servers, connecting all the stores. However, maintaining and managing their own servers implied constant hardware updates and investments. This made the company consider the possibility of migrating in 2005 to NeuralSoft’s outsourcing model: ASP. Currently, the company already has 20 workstations connected using this model.


“We have a solid platform and we are prepared for the future. Now we can plan other projects and make our business more profitable. This is really comforting to me,” says Hugo De Miguel.

Additionally, the outsourcing model allows to define profiles to access information based on the company’s specific needs. Management has online access through any device connected to the Internet and they can analyze the results every minute, measuring the profitability of each operation.

Thanks to the ASP service, El Balcón can also grant its accounting firm access to the information they require. This allows them to have real-time access to the company’s invoicing levels, administration, staff management and generated profits.

With these implementations, El Balcón improved the services of its customer loyalty program. This tool has the information of every member, who receive personalized information, special offers and discounts, among other services, based on their taste, preference and habits. “With NeuralSoft’s CRM we began an affinity group. I was able to have personalized knowledge of each of my buyers and now I know what every one of them likes and uses – I have a basis to project a personalized relationship with every member.” Hugo de Miguel, President.


“Because it allows me to see all the information of my company, of each store, with top-quality reports and results to measure stock management and to learn what products are delivered and which ones we need for the season.”

“I chose NeuralSoft because they provide me with the tools to grow without limits or restrictions; I can plan new business areas and reach the whole country in the most efficient way. They have lived up to all their promises and they really gave me a solid platform to rest assured that it will deliver. This was crucial for my choice.”
Hugo De Miguel, El Balcón’s President.

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