Estudio de Casos - Ayres

It was almost by chance that Gabriel Isersky, founder and current General Manager of AYRES, made his foray into the clothing industry. When he graduated, Gabriel started making clothes in a shop and got in contact with important clothing stores. The enthusiasm he felt during those early steps encouraged him to increase his production and begin large-scale manufacturing.
As his fame within the industry grew, he felt it was time to create his own brand. AYRES came to life in March 1998 as a brand targeted at women between 25 and 40 years of age, with tailoring quality as its strong suit.

The first store opened in the Belgrano neighborhood, at the corner of Cabildo Ave. and Sucre. Today, that store is still open and is an emblematic one because of its history.

Famous for the quality of its tailoring, AYRES took on new challenges and renewed the brand, giving it a younger identity. With this purpose in mind, AYRES widened its target clientele and changed into a more informal brand.

Its products are born from an eclectic mixture of styles. For AYRES, it is important to manufacture products that suit each woman’s needs, considering their particular preferences, while maintaining the quality of its clothing items. Its clothes give a woman’s outfit a modern and fresh look, breaking down structures and standing out for their current and avant-garde style.

With 16 years in the market and 27 exclusive stores in the main shopping malls of Buenos Aires, Córdoba and Rosario (23 high-quality clothing stores, 3 outlet stores, 1 e-commerce store and 1 itinerant Luxury store), AYRES is a well-known brand in the industry that ranks among the country’s top 5 women’s clothing brands thanks to years of unrelenting research, development and growth.


After analyzing several platforms, the importance of having a local contact offering a reliable Customer Care service played a key role in the company’s decision to adopt Presea ERP, NeuralSoft’s integrated management software. The fact that it was an Argentine company also tipped the scales in favor of NeuralSoft.


After working hard on the implementation, which required great cooperation from both parties, Presea ERP was deployed by areas. At a first stage, the solution was implemented in the Points of Sale and Distribution areas, which are essential for daily operations; subsequently, in the Logistics, Management, and Finance areas and, finally, in the Manufacturing area.

Customizing the solution was a huge challenge and a thorough task which, despite initially delaying implementation, is nowadays one of the main benefits that AYRES highlights.
Another highlight is online card validation, a positive and fundamental development for a company with several points of sale. (We are currently working on the development of a credit card chip reader, since magnetic stripe cards will soon be replaced in Argentina.)


As it stepped into the Cloud Computing universe through Presea ERP’s ASP model, AYRES managed to successfully reach the complete virtualization and storage of information. Additionally, the investment made by AYRES was significantly lower than that required by the purchase of infrastructure of its own.
One of the main benefits experienced is the versatility in the management of information, which allows AYRES to anticipate price lists and to make them instantly available at all points of sale. Additionally, they can schedule season launches, special offers and sales, and they are able to work in a more organized fashion.

AYRES also stresses the importance of the Customer Care service. While sometimes the time needed to solve certain issues is beyond its control, AYRES can always turn to the Help Desk for a serious and useful answer, which is a huge differentiating factor that clients usually recognize when listing the advantages of relying on NeuralSoft as a supplier.

The possibility of remote and online work, together with the virtualization of information, was the determining factor in hiring NeuralSoft as AYRES’ ERP supplier.
“We know what to expect from the NeuralSoft team— continuous innovation and new proposals to go with this era of great technological breakthroughs,” enthusiastically states Mariano Aquino, Ayres-Trosman’s IT Manager

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